Artist Statement 2016

What intrigues me is line, space, and tension. Drawing and line are the bases of my work. They can be expressed in many ways. I am currently exploring a bit unconventionally with line being represented by yarn, thread and wire among other materials. Space is created with copper scrubbies and pom-poms.  The tactile experience of the materials is essential. They are mainly lovely to touch, a contradiction for a viewer because they generally aren’t allowed to touch but a delight to the creator.

Using material I already have or recycle from another purpose is important.   It allows me to feel I am bringing a little order to chaos by utilizing what I have. Plus it adds layers of meaning to the work when I use a piece of material cut from a worn out sleep shirt, a weaving that didn’t stand on it’s own, or a piece of silk removed from another project because it was superfluous.

Most of my work uses tension in some form to hold itself together. Whether in the tautness of a sewn thread, the compression of warp and weft or the energy inherent in a coiled wire. This mimics the tensions and contradictions of life – the viewer not being able to touch the tactile works, relationships among people, balancing obligations, work, family, art. Tension is what holds the pieces together and is a positive force, which is not how it always seen.


Carol Reed is an award winning artist and Pennsylvania native.  She currently resides in her hometown of Carlisle after living in various towns in the Northeast.  “Which is somewhere she never expected to be” according to Carol.  She attended college at Syracuse University, graduating with a B.F.A. in Painting. While there she spent a semester abroad in Florence studying Batik in the cloister of San Lorenzo Church.