Yellow - Oh No

The Carlisle Arts Learning Centers member show started last week.  The theme is always color related.  This year it was "Hello Yellow". Yellow is not one of my favorite colors.  It is too bright and generally transparent.  An intense deep yellow can be done but you have to be careful not to go orange or another secondary color.  Thus my reluctance to create work for the show.

However I also enjoy a challenge and think it's good to work with colors and things one may not be totally comfortable with using .  So I created 2 pieces for the Yellow show.  Both are 8" x 8". The first a tapestry called "Little X, why yellow". Knowing my aversion to yellow the title probably makes more sense then when seen alone.  Plus I liked the x/y alphabet thing going on.  This weaving continues a theme of weaving I have been working on. One of which," X, who was really quite Alien but wanted to be Reptilian", is shown under the weaving section in Projects.  Below is a picture in progress of "Little X".

This is the top half of Little X, why yellow. Above it is another Little X weaving that was worked on the opposite end of the loom which helps to minimize warping time although it does cause the warps to get awfully tight near where the two weavings meet. Below is a finished picture. Sorry it is a little out of focus.

And below is Little X taken with a flash.  The plastic strapping (originally from around a very large cardboard box) shows up interestingly on this one.

The second piece I created is called "And So Hung the Moon".  It is a new type of thing I'm doing combining weaving, painting, recycled textiles and any other technique that fits.  I will be creating a project page with these soon.  It will be called "Things".  Below is an in progress but almost finished picture of the piece.  Along with a bit of my work space.  I no longer notice the polka dot table cloth when I work because it's been there so long. Although Its getting pretty tattered and will need to be replaced soon.


Below is the finished picture.

The circle is a piece of un-glazed porcelain I made.  The yellow is the former sleeve of a Desigual t-shirt and the black and white is butchers twine. The yellow thread wraps around the piece and the braided butchers twine in the lower proper left corner continues to the side.

If you are in the area the "Hello Yellow" show will be up until March 12th at the Carlisle Arts Learnign Center, 38 W. Pomfret St., Carlisle, Pa 17013.