Rejected Again

So if you've been making things as long as I have you get used to a lot of rejection.  April was my month for rejections this year (so far). I was rejected from two shows. This is the life of an artist. So what does one do - create new work about it, get it out of your system and move forward.

                                                                    Rejected Again (Thing 7).

                                                                   Rejected Again (Thing 7).

The photo doesn't really do it justice.  I will try to take another one soon but this work doesn't want to photograph well.  Probably it is rebelling against the title I gave it!

The gessoed panel was originally painted with red onion skins in water left over from my unusual materials class.  In the class it turned brownish but here it was a weird light green. I don't know if this was a product of time, I used the onion skin water several weeks later, or the material it was on - gesso versus paper?   On top of the onion skin is compresses charcoal, a marvelous thing. There isa 3rd porcelain bead you can't see on the left hanging from the top pom pom.  I have a bit of a pom pom obsession going on.  I just wish there was a better word for them. Pom pom is too cute.

Above are the pom poms from Sheep in Wolves Clothing (Thing 6). Also I made some from the same silk chiffon that is shown in the background of the picture at left but they haven't found a home yet.

If you are interested in classes I have updated the class page with two for this summer.  I'll have pictures soon for the "Nuke a Scarf" class.

At least as soon as I take the scarf off!  I made another one that is more chocolate brown and coral and want to do a blue one. Then I'll make an "official" picture. Still working on examples for the weaving class.  Enjoy the sun if you can find it.